Saturday, May 15, 2010

I left my feelings with my wallet and my keys

I'm finally at ease.

Japan is great, my new job is fun a little stressful because I'm still learning. Walked out with close to 30yen in tips, plus I'm being paid by the hour. I'm in love with Lemon Tea in a carton and finally bought Milk Tea because my one friend kept
bugging me to try it. My dad bought me a coffee pot so I'm starting to feel more at home, with my mud brew every morning.

Here are pictures of my new space :

The natural sunlight is perfect and I started to hang some of David's portraits he gave me on the wall. There are bits and pieces of my friends scattered on my window sill. I told my dad to extend my ticket so instead of 2 more weeks we're planning on 3 more months. I miss Rashi a lot and I miss being able to take the china town bus up to see David and walk around Nyc drinking tall arizona t's and just laughing, but everyones busy doing what they love so i'll just give Japan some more time. I'm still adjusting but it feels more like home everyday.

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Alexandra said...

your space is very bright! i love that. enjoy japan as much as you can - i've always wanted to go there!