Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Confessions of a girly girl

I'm obsessed with youtube video makeup/skincare/hair tutorials. The moment I read about a new product in Marie Claire I instantly type in "blahblah product review" into youtube and find at least 15+ reviews on this new product. This has helped me from buying a product that are horrible or a waste of money. Also everything I use in my skincare, makeup and daily hair routine are all products that got rave reviews off Youtube. I'm seriously the biggest junkie you will ever find. Here are some of my favorite channels, enjoy!

My girl lollipop26 is the #1 girly girl. She makes me want to fly out to the UK and just befriend her so I can use all her makeup, thug to thug I seriously love this girl! Not only is she a total babe but she gives the best reviews on drug store makeup as well as high end products. Her accent is so pretty and pristine and I'm always trying to scope out what nail polish she's wearing, during her videos you almost feel like you're skyping with your bff who's going to school aboard or something. Check her out, she'll become your new (not really) bff.

MichellePhan is without a doubt the "it" girl of youtube makeup tutorials right now. She covers everything from natural fask masks made out of egg whites, how to make a rice water toner, and she's taught at least 3 of my friends how to apply fake eyelashes (the one thing I'm blessed to NOT need.) Phan also did a video on "how to stretch out new shoes using ice" if you peep her channel you can definitely learn this awesome trick, that works! I was drawn to her videos because her skin is so flawless. Her videos are edited very well and without a doubt she can teach you how to be a lady, believe that.

There are the two channels I lurk the most. I have about 300 other people I subscribe to (creepy!) My new thing has been watching Lush skincare reviews. You can also type in perfume's, nail polish colors, certain lotions SERIOUSLY ANYTHING. As you can tell I'm really passionate about this kind of thing. My dream is to one day start my own skincare line and maybe even make informative videos for other product obsessed girls.. maybe someday.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Located two ribs below the heart, it is called hate.

Everything we've done as teenagers, young adults, whatever you'd really like to call it, can be summed up by who we've dated. Who we've kissed, loved, fucked, sucked. Two hearts wrapped up so tightly, collected and strewn about with all these different names and faces. Fingertips or maybe just arms, regardless wrapped up in the bedroom of a party with carpets that smell like cat piss. In the back seat of a car during an indian summer, trembling because you're afraid the cops might catch you. Someone touching your face so gently, hot breath, tugging on your earlobe. The sudden feeling that prickles further than your skin, beyond penetration, pulsing at your temples. Suddenly you're feeling their skin smooth against yours and he's pinning you down by the wrists and kissing your neck.. and you've just melted into a puddle. It's this moment that suddenly changes everything, it's the turn of a knife when you realize this will be your last chance to say something important. Then you realize you've never said one important thing in your entire goddamn life. You try to mutter something sweet, something special. You want him to remember this. But then it hits you like a brick, you've never been special, you've just always been right. And we all know being right isn't the answer. The summary of all these things we strive to understand just mean; maybe in a perfect world we're all better than two bodies clanking clumsy for the first time. There's all the animals we've loved, clothes we've sewn by hand, pie crusts, pictures we've developed. We're more than the people we let climb inside our arms, those big eyes that opened up so wide. In a sense everyone is much better tucked away into a secret spot locked up inside our heads, the vault of lust, I liked you better locked away. There is more to our marrow than the root of our lust, this I know is right.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Alone

Just how much distance means we're on our own?

In my heart, I've always known
I gotta be happy alone
so burn the mail, destroy the phone
yeah, I'd rather be happy alone
the moving sky, the rocks below
All seem perfectly happy alone

Our little hearts have turned to stone
I'd better be happy alone.

Sometimes being alone is the only thing that feels right. This only furthers my theory that I'm going to die alone, surrounded by all my books and tacky thrift store collectibles. I'll be the little old lady who has a mountain of ipod nanos in her closet waiting for the day when they're "worth a lot of money." I'll probably never be close enough to conning a man into marrying me, and I really don't believe in that cheesy "soul mates" business. I'm pretty much a miserable shell of a human.

But on a less dismal note I've come to realize I only surround myself with non-needy people, which is a great thing and since weeding out all the bad apples I've come to find my life very quite and comfortable. No longer do I get angry text messages saying "You never returned my text from x/x/20xx wa wa" which would then lead me into the same pattern : eye roll "I forgot to text you back.. Sorry.." one can only go on with this cycle so long before you finally throw up your hands and shout OK, FUCK IT, I'M A SHITTY FRIEND, WHATEVER!!!! I can't stand needy people I'm not your boyfriend, give me a break! I can see my flaw in this situation.. I should try to be a better friend but in my defense, in this busy day and age, in this recession, a modern girl such as myself gets worn down, half the time I barely have a brain. I'm overworked and underachieving, what did you expect?! I never claimed to be baby Jesus.

There are times when I do in fact poke my head out of my hermit shell and say "whasssup" and those moments shine on.. or at least I'd like to think that they do. Regardless if you're my friend I actually do care about you and if I make the effort then well, that's just great, let's keep on keeping on.

I'm also seeing freaky-ass WHY? on Oct2nd with my best friend, I really cannot wait. My hips start to sway whenever I hear any of the new tracks off Eskimo Snow.

I'm starving and really want some mexican food, but I have one friend that lives here in my boring little town and unfortunately she's getting her education on. So I'll make myself a bowl of oatmeal, throw on my sweats and retire to my book in bed method, it's quite riveting, trust me. Maybe I'll try to text a few of those friends who thought I'd died and then suddenly upon resurrecting my facebook, popped up with a friendly hello. Yeah I'll do that.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I visit these mountains with frequency

My grandmother gave me a box of her mother's antique hats the other day. She sent them in the mail because the last time I saw her I was wearing a peacock feather clip in my hair. I'm not quite sure how to wear these hats (?) but they are beautiful heirlooms that I'll pass down to my daughter one day. I look pretty ridiculous in them (is my head too big?) but this one hat is my favorite, it's made of white ostrich feathers and has baby pink rose buds sewn onto the sides, my great grandm wore it on her wedding day.

Had a nice weekend with the boy. He surprised me with this beauty :

Euro 10speed!! He even went the extra mile and dished out $50 for new tires, I'm so excited. I took "Ethel" for her first spin, only to realize that I'm seriously out of shape. While on my bike ride I stopped to pet an old golden retriever in my neighborhood which progressed into me having a 40minute conversation with her owner who was this adorable old man taking a leisurely stroll. I told him how my boyfriend was leaving for a 12day tour in Europe with his band today. He told me how he was stationed in Austria and Paris for 2years during the war. I really can't wait to get old and wear my pants all high up and refer to 2009 as "the good ol'days."

Philly for the weekend to visit Rashi! I'm bringing my camera and my only plans are to spend way too much money on makeup at Sephora and eat something delicious every second of the day. Work is going well, school starts soon (thumbs down) I'll have Matt's car the entire time while he's away in Europe so my life just got 10x easier. I also dyed my hair all by myself today and I think it turned out well, this was pretty boring pictures and real updates soon xx Erica