Saturday, November 15, 2008

Didn't I tell you there was no such thing as a bad bad day?

Held it down a loving key
longer than a lie
Held it down a loving key
softer than a child.

10 things

1. The new Land of talk album "Some are Lakes" leaked.. about fucking time!
2. It was 75 degrees today, Where is November?
3. My Nana surprised me with a very warm heavy wool coat with a matching Burberry scarf it's lovely but this weather isn't very encouraging but apparently the temperature is about to drop so lets keep our fingers crossed.
4. All 3 of my dogs sleep in my bed now so that's 12 little paws and a pair of clumsy feet poking out from the edge of my bed.
5. I had my first panic attack while walking down the city street laughing with my friend. It terrified me to be so aware of my own heartbeat.
6. Nothing is tasting right to me anymore, even my favorite candy tastes bitter.
7. I can't shake off this sore throat/stuffy nose combination. All the cups of tea and cough drops aren't doing anything I'm afraid I need to go to a doctor.
8. I've been writing 15 words a day in my little cloth bound journal with the theory that I'll need something to read about when I'm old, gray haired and shitting myself in a nursing home.
9. Carbs make me so sleepy.
10. I'm a little afraid and I feel very small. I feel weird not having my mom here to take care of. I keep checking on my dogs every 3 seconds in hopes that they'll need their water bowl filled or to bet let outside.

Motherly instinct the beat goes on. My grandmother says I should switch majors and do something with the Nursing/Medical field because I'm so good at taking care of people. Which makes me think of those cheesy daytime television commercials about "Job Corp" and "UTI UNIVERSITY" where the girl says "I never knew anything... but that I just wanted to help sick people." I used to laugh, but now girlfren I feel you on that poorly worded sentence. After this semester I will deliberate.


- stick with D&A counseling
- social work
- nursing
- med tech
- stick with D&A counseling
- strick with D&A counseling

I hate never being sure about anything.

We've seen how sick wind blows,
But i've got you for the night.
And i'll love you like I love you then I'll die.
We've seen how sick wind blows,
But i've got you for the night.
And i'll love you like I love you then I'll die.

I believe he is the number one one to let you wonder.

Holding down the home fort, a little lonely but I've got A&E to keep me company. I also have taken up a new found interest in doing heaping loads of laundry and bought one of those little wands where you put the dish washing liquid in the top add some water and screw on the cap, so every time you wash a dish this little wand dispenses just the right amount of sudz. It makes my already love of washing dishes increase by at least 80%. So basically during a crisis my inner-hermit takes over and I turn into a domesticated diva.

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