Wednesday, February 11, 2009

you can not never move away

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When I was little my only aspirations in life were the following : to be a mermaid and to be as pretty as my mom. The first day of kindergarten I boldly informed my classmates that "Hi my names Erica Moreno but I'm not an American I was born in Germany," in a very adorable southern bell accent. Factually I got the G- in Germany and the G- as in Georgia confused, but in my defense I had actually lived in both.

I had a baby gap between my two front teeth that a boy noticed in the 5th grade and would tease me everyday in Agricultural Science class. During a movie showcasing the process of Emu farming he whispered "Fall into the GAP, fall into the GAP" the theme song from the 90s GAP Commercials. "How clever," I secretly wished my gap would disappear and oddly enough 4 years later over a diner discussion about teeth everyone around the table pointed out "your teeth are perfect you don't have a gap!"

I hated being 5'8 in high school. I always felt uneven in my walk and I distinctly remember the summer my hips started protruding from my body, two bones sticking out that I'd stare at and wonder "well what are these things for?"

10:34 PM I have it all figured out, no gaps no G's and a familiarization with what hips are for. Growing up isn't so bad, but I'm still wishing I was a mermaid.

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