Friday, April 3, 2009

I have been kissed between the ears by human error

they're playing love songs on the radio tonight
I can't relate to that right now
note so self : no one cares. your voice is average
in worried piles I typed for miles and noone noticed

I once had a boy tell me that he admired my "old lady eccentricities." Another friend recently informed me that I am what they call "an old soul," which despite the fact that I have a weird obsession with nerdy backpacking rap, is basically true.

All I've ever wanted in life is a kitchen with a big sink to do the dishes in. I want to learn how to cook and be the kind of girl who shaves her legs every single day, just for the hell of it.

I bought $6 worth of new bedding from the family thrift. A beautiful hand crocheted blanket, and matching pillows. The woman at the register said she would cut me a deal since the bed set had been sitting on the shelf, untouched for months. I thanked her, set the wash to "delicate" and now my dogs snoring softly.

It's raining and I might take a shower, just for the hell of it.


Dr Nate said...

hi there. found your blog via twitter search for Jon Stewart (yeah, I'd probably do him too, so it's ok...) and then liked the gold teeth reference and then liked your afghan and then realized you're from Delware wherein I lived (Brandywine HS) for 10 years and liked your blog.

so. hi. :)
Be well.

no winners here said...

dang, Jon Stewart is so hot haha that's a lot of love right there in one comment. anyway hello, and thank you!!