Thursday, September 3, 2009

I visit these mountains with frequency

My grandmother gave me a box of her mother's antique hats the other day. She sent them in the mail because the last time I saw her I was wearing a peacock feather clip in my hair. I'm not quite sure how to wear these hats (?) but they are beautiful heirlooms that I'll pass down to my daughter one day. I look pretty ridiculous in them (is my head too big?) but this one hat is my favorite, it's made of white ostrich feathers and has baby pink rose buds sewn onto the sides, my great grandm wore it on her wedding day.

Had a nice weekend with the boy. He surprised me with this beauty :

Euro 10speed!! He even went the extra mile and dished out $50 for new tires, I'm so excited. I took "Ethel" for her first spin, only to realize that I'm seriously out of shape. While on my bike ride I stopped to pet an old golden retriever in my neighborhood which progressed into me having a 40minute conversation with her owner who was this adorable old man taking a leisurely stroll. I told him how my boyfriend was leaving for a 12day tour in Europe with his band today. He told me how he was stationed in Austria and Paris for 2years during the war. I really can't wait to get old and wear my pants all high up and refer to 2009 as "the good ol'days."

Philly for the weekend to visit Rashi! I'm bringing my camera and my only plans are to spend way too much money on makeup at Sephora and eat something delicious every second of the day. Work is going well, school starts soon (thumbs down) I'll have Matt's car the entire time while he's away in Europe so my life just got 10x easier. I also dyed my hair all by myself today and I think it turned out well, this was pretty boring pictures and real updates soon xx Erica

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