Monday, September 14, 2009

Confessions of a girly girl

I'm obsessed with youtube video makeup/skincare/hair tutorials. The moment I read about a new product in Marie Claire I instantly type in "blahblah product review" into youtube and find at least 15+ reviews on this new product. This has helped me from buying a product that are horrible or a waste of money. Also everything I use in my skincare, makeup and daily hair routine are all products that got rave reviews off Youtube. I'm seriously the biggest junkie you will ever find. Here are some of my favorite channels, enjoy!

My girl lollipop26 is the #1 girly girl. She makes me want to fly out to the UK and just befriend her so I can use all her makeup, thug to thug I seriously love this girl! Not only is she a total babe but she gives the best reviews on drug store makeup as well as high end products. Her accent is so pretty and pristine and I'm always trying to scope out what nail polish she's wearing, during her videos you almost feel like you're skyping with your bff who's going to school aboard or something. Check her out, she'll become your new (not really) bff.

MichellePhan is without a doubt the "it" girl of youtube makeup tutorials right now. She covers everything from natural fask masks made out of egg whites, how to make a rice water toner, and she's taught at least 3 of my friends how to apply fake eyelashes (the one thing I'm blessed to NOT need.) Phan also did a video on "how to stretch out new shoes using ice" if you peep her channel you can definitely learn this awesome trick, that works! I was drawn to her videos because her skin is so flawless. Her videos are edited very well and without a doubt she can teach you how to be a lady, believe that.

There are the two channels I lurk the most. I have about 300 other people I subscribe to (creepy!) My new thing has been watching Lush skincare reviews. You can also type in perfume's, nail polish colors, certain lotions SERIOUSLY ANYTHING. As you can tell I'm really passionate about this kind of thing. My dream is to one day start my own skincare line and maybe even make informative videos for other product obsessed girls.. maybe someday.


Courtney said...

I do the same thing! My boyfriend thinks I'm a creep...hahaha...

What are your favorite products :)

no winners here said...

haha I'm obessed with watching other girls talk about makeup! It's like having a super girly bff (which I've never had.)

my favorite products are currently the following

*foundation - Loreals "true match" foundation .. it's from drug stores and it's the best

*powder - Makeup Forever HD Powder, this is from sephora it's the only power that keeps me from lookin greasy

*brow wax - Revlon Colorstay Brown Enhancer.. drug store!

*mascara - Loreal double extends mascara.. drug store brand

*Eyeliner - Almay liquid liner

*eyeshadow - Physicians formula "Shimmer strips" custom eye enhancing shadow & liner in "brown eyes" this

*blush - either Nars "Orgasm" or Physicians formula "Shimmer strips" custom Blush & Highlighter in "healthy glow"

*lips - usually just clear nivea lip balm or vaseline

this makes it sound like I use so much makeup ahah if you have any questions let me know :)

Courtney said...

I know! If I listed off everything I use, people would be like, "woah girl, slow down there" lol but I apply everything so it looks natural. You should check out this girl MaggieAlex8380. She does the best eyeshadow tutorials everrr, plus her Greek accent might be the greatest thing I've ever heard. I should really watch less YouTube than I do, because it always makes me want to go buy a bunch of crap I don't need haha! My old standby's are Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara, MUFE eyeshadow used as liner and of course...MAC blush. I've got super wavy, frizzy hair and I swear by Garnier Fructis Sleek n Shine Serum. Other than that, my makeup bag changes weekly :)