Thursday, October 1, 2009

And I'm under something black, and thicker than a sheet for ghosts.

Being a girl sucks. I can't believe it's already October 1st. This week is already over and then there's the next week (work everyday) then the next week (work everyday) then somewhere along the lines it'll be Halloween. I don't have a single idea for a costume. I'm off to shower and put on makeup for the first time this week. I have dinner with my dad which will prove a little difficult considering I started a new "no sugar, carbs or soda" diet. I'm thinking a huge salad is about to find it's way into my belly.

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x3betsyx3 said...

girllll don't torture yourself!! You need carbs to live! Just figure out which kinds are the right kinds!! Make an appt with a RD before you make any rash diet changes if you need to.
Sorry to go all "mom" on you, but carbs are essential! And as for the sugar- everything in moderation!
But good job with kicking the soda habit. there is absolutely nothing good about soda.