Monday, October 19, 2009

Even if you call, can't hear you at all

Some days I just feel small and sad. I feel like hiding away under the covers with my dogs forever. I make myself a big bowl of oatmeal, slip into the biggest sweater I can find, and turn off my phone. Some days I just need to spend being sad. I think as a girl who grew up with all men I learned quickly to always hide your feelings. Cover them with blankets and sweaters, never be a bother. More importantly don't bother other people with how you feel, because chances are they aren't going to understand, and they probably won't care at all. People can never understand the way that they make you feel. Nobody has the power to look that far into themselves. My life has always revolved around making everyone's life a little easier. I never want to be a burden. I never want to give anyone a reason to be upset with me. But unfortunately, for me, when it rains it pours. Deal with it.

my heart is an apple - The Arcade Fire

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