Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I've got a chest full of little things, keeps me remembering over the years.

Oh, the songs I've ever know
Oh, the ones I've ever loved
Oh, It might just be known
Oh, it is my chest of gold

Locket reads : Love Stories.

This weekend was great and consisted mainly of shows(WHY? & Dark Dark Dark on Friday, Rival Mob on Saturday, and Title Fight/ Rise & Fall show Sunday) and eating. I really cannot think of a better past time in life than eating.. this is probably why I have to force myself to abide by strict limitations during the work week I will not eat this bagel, I will eat oatmeal insated, so I can ball outta control on the weekend and eat everything delicious! French toast stuffed with banana and cream cheese icing, endless cups of coffee, the best spinach and cheese omelet, and Indian chicken marsala. My mouths wattering just thinking about all the great food Philadelphia has to offer me.

Each day in the city got progressively colder. I realized I'm deathly allergic to Ivory soap (what the hell?) I had deep heart to hearts with Rashi about "the meaning of life" and "do you think the world is going to end in 2012?" I liked Rashi's response "If the world ends, it ends. If I die, I die. My karma isn't that bad." Perfect response.

Now I'm back in Delaware and back to the daily grinnnnddd, only today was a pretty short day and I only worked 5hours. Kinda bummed I'm missed The Pains of Being Pure last night AND Owen tonight, but I'm all showed out. I have a million things I need to check off my To-Do List. Also would like to state that although my life is incredibly boring most of the time, I'm thankful for that. I want your bad energy.

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