Monday, November 2, 2009

I welcome the dead into my soul.

Mischief Night Matt's car got egged AND milked. We watched "Drag Me To Hell" with a huge group of friends while passing buttery popcorn with various chocolate candies mixed into the bowl. My personal favorite was popcorn mixed with chocolate cookie dough chunks.

Halloween Night Was overcast and ~creepy~ Matt's mom made "Spooky Cupcakes" and we watched "Trick of Treat." His little cousin's came over to show us their Halloween costumes. There was pinhead, a nerd, a puppy, and a kitten. One cousin was just wearing a red wig but I forget what she was supposed to be.

I can't believe in three weeks I'll be 21, growing up really freaks me out. I'm on the bus now coming from NEPA en route Philly. They finally got WIFI on these buses which makes my trip 90times easier. The only downside is I've had a nasty cold all weekend and I'm currently experiencing one of my extreme coughing fits. Everyone on the bus is starring at me while I cough so loud and violently, that mascara is running down my cheeks. I know for a fact that I have another upper respiratory infection (I get these every fall and every spring) and I should go to the doctor, but I seriously can't afford anything right now. It has something to do with me having weak lungs because my mom smoked when I was a baby, and I'm constantly around smoke my entire life. The only good thing (as my doctor has pointed out time and time again) is that I myself am not a smoker. I think I'm going to start living in a bubble.

I got this weird email from my biological father saying he wanted my brother and I to visit our Spanish grandparents in Pittsburgh this Christmas. I haven't been on a plane since I was an infant, and I've never been away from my mom for Christmas. I haven't seen my Spanish grandparents since I was 13, and I haven't even talked to them once since then. As fun as an awkward as hell Christmas vacation sounds, I think I'll pass. I told him I'd be willing to compromise, say maybe visit a week or two before or after the Holidays, but that asking me to go on the actual holiday itself was out of the question. Like usual form my bio-dad has chosen not to reply. His way is the only way, which I have sadly learned. Some people never cease to amaze me.

The rest of life is pretty good. I can't complain. I'll do a real update soon, pinky promise.

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