Thursday, December 24, 2009

Any day now..

When I'm going through any major transition in my life (either good or bad) there are always two common denominators, music and underwear.

There is always a singular album (just leaked or something old that I've fallen back in love with). I can pinpoint entire albums that helped me get through shit. The Initial Friend EP Rilo Kiley got me over my first real heartbreak. Owen's I Do Perceive was the catalyst for my first real breakup. Land of Talk's Some are Lakes helped me when my mom went to rehab, and now it's Beach House's Teen Dream that has been easing me through this hard MOTHERFUCKIN time. But woe is life, and I always get through it, but I'm thankful that I've got music there, always backin me up.

I always find that buying sexy new underthings never hurt anybody. There's something refreshing about picking out a little lace here, maybe you'll stumble across a 5 for $25 deal or something, you never know. I read somewhere that when every relationship ends you should treat yourself to all new panties, throw out the old ones along with the old memories. The french have an entire concept about underwear and perfume being the very epitome of femininity. Personally, I like the feeling of knowing I've got it going ON underneath my BDBG jeans. Even if nobody is going to see them (let's be real here) it's still cool to know that if Mike Rowe just so happens to be waiting in a utility closet, he wouldn't be disappointed. /End sexual fantasy.

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