Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh, how I miss you

your memory has all the power. you are completely fucking helpless inside your own head. your heart is a prison. you'll be busy going about your business when suddenly something from your past will flood across your eyes; colors and feelings all forcing you to remember, and even if you're screaming with your hands up "just let me go, I didn't do anything wrong," your memory will make your throat tighten and your insides churn. it could be something sad or something so small and beautiful. your hands will shake because you couldn't believe you'd remember something that happened so many years ago. you'll be in the shower washing your hair when suddenly you remember hands on your elbows pulling you in at a bus stop, concerned and asking why you look so sad. something so small and tender will drip like beads of water across your eyes and your blood will run cold. during an important test you'll hear a sound that will ignite a match inside your ears, setting off a toxic fuse of teeth and a mouth connected to a laugh you can remember so clearly. the click of a typewriter will make you think of a train ride up state, the chorus of a song will make your mouth water. welcome to prison.

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