Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So long past, past-due. A new name for everything.

Remember that time when I drove my little red car to the dock, we sat and took pictures while I twirled my ring and the wind blew my curls in my face
Remember that time I didn't wear socks with your sneakers? It was the hottest day in the city that spring, my feet were covered in blisters. You took off your sweaty socks, handed them to me and I put them on my feet before we stepped onto the subway
Remember that time I missed the last train into the city? Instead of leaving me stranded at Wilmington station you came all the way to pick me up and drive me to Philadelphia
Remember that time when I told you I had no sense of direction and you laughed and said "walk four blocks up, take a right," but you were actually wrong. It was four blocks up take a left
Remember that time you got really close to my face, kissed all my teeth and told me you loved my smile?
Remember that time ..


Nikki Ashton said...

i remember! remember that time you i came home and you had washed the dishes in the sink? my first apartment. you telling me about falling in love with matt on my fire escape.

no winners here said...