Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So talk yourself till your blue in the face, cause someone always wants to listen to hate

Here comes the girl with the ice cream cone
Who says she didn't get
A scoop as big as mine
Does it hurt to force a smile to my face?
Does it burn to wish you were in another place?
I won't look to you anymore

I've got this scar on the back of my arm from when I fell through a swing. I've got this scar above my right eye from a surgery I swear I remember, but my mom tells me "shit, there's no way a 4month year old remember something like that." Technically I was dead for 3whole minutes, my heart stopped beating and I remember white lights and feeling warm. Maybe you can't fully appreciate life until you've rubbed elbows with death, I guess I need to live a little because my heart feels dead.

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