Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hey, good morning to you! more covers for you. sleep soundly dear cause i have to go..

I miss your nest
it is the best, with flannel sheets and a space heater.
And you kiss my cold nose
the one nobody knows, turns red
when I'm feeling blue.

Daniels Song - The Finches

Oh, the going
It was much too slow
And we thought we never would arrive
Oh, but somehow life picked up the pace
Ran faster than the time
And we somehow survived

Waiting for the bus to come
Never seemed to last quite so long
Leaning on the rain to fall

your bird.

I worked a 10hour day and look like it.
I listened to the inauguration on the radio at work and sobbed.
I can't wait to take a warm shower and blow dry my hair,
put on flannel pajamas and fall fast asleep.

Two more days and I won't be sleeping alone, warmestttt come here.

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