Thursday, January 22, 2009

you've been praying for change but you ain't been to church since the 10th grade

and you cry at your job
don't believe in your vote
and never celebrate your birthday

so i wouldn't waste my time if i were you
you'll just snap your spine
i'll just strip away your youth

Youre My Incentive - Kevin Devine

The day before I leave everything always falls apart.

more writing
less lyrics
less texting
more reading
more writing
less complaining
more lathering on lotion
less complaining about itchy elbows
less itching said elbows
more smiling
less disappointment
more acceptance
less disappointment
less disappointment
more improvement
less impulse-purchasing
less envy
more eye-contact
less greed
more mentadent toothpaste
more cherry pastries for breakfast
less sugar in my coffee
more chips & salsa
more overachieving
less believing
less distance
more of this weekend

Tomorrow morning I'm riding the r2 into Philadelphia, multitasking on a bus for three hours, and ending up in the place where my boots are always wet. Three years of this same exact pattern, you call me to say "don't talk to those freaks at the bus station Erica, I love you!" Some things stay the same.

And Some things inevitably change. My mother is so strong, outgoing, and so much like me that it gives me nightmares. I wish I could shake you back to the way you used to pose. Your voices needs to be taken down about 5 octaves, thanks.

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