Saturday, January 3, 2009


Things I Love :
- Coffee
- Levis
- Love
- Coffee
- Boyfriend comes home soon from tour (finally!)
- New 2009 "Bad Puppy" calendar
- Meteor showers

Things I Hate :
- Sleep deprivation
- Creepy .....facebook messages.......
- Parties (forever)
- Chapped lips
- Being so disappointed in people (it always happens.)
- Clingy creeps
- Leg Warmers
- Wisdom teeth
- Creepy .....text messages..... at 6a.m
- Missing
- Money

Clearly this morning the cup of coffee is half empty, no really it is.


Becca said...

girl i'm going to maine for a week starting tomorrow, no intranets but texts galore me love you long time. also, the word verification is "bangen" which i feel is so appropriate.

Becca said...

this word verification is "runtheat" which is less applicable to you and i as humans, but still worth sharing.

no winners here said...

HAHAHAH you are the best. I really really wish you had a myspace so I could signify our friendship by putting you in my top 4 slot snug between Tobias Funke and WHY?