Sunday, June 21, 2009

And the saga continues..

My taste in men is non-negotiable and often looked down upon. But I have actually adapted a few new men to the list (Gerard Butler, Jon Hamm,) that may be considered sexy and fine to other 20 year old girls. The standard "Fuck me Please" consists of my main men : Edward Norton, Mike Rowe and Robert Downey, and maybe a few randoms in between. No I do not want Zac Efron or that baby faced freak from Twilight. I want old men with hairy chests and hearty smiles, who can throw it down like champs and cook me spaghetti when we're through.

Robert Downey Jr.

Jon Hamm

Edward Norton

Gerard Butler

Mike Rowe

Ed Helms

All of the above DO HOLLA.

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