Wednesday, February 10, 2010

20 years of snow.

Today is a snow day because we all know dogs can't get haircuts when it's snowing! The entire east cost is in a state of perpetual bedbug mode, because you can't do anything productive. The moment you shovel your sidewalk there's already a powdery dusting adding up inch by inch. Tree branches are weighed down with powdered sugar snow piles while kids scream and shout to go outside, but their mom's can't even open up the front doors, they're frozen shut. The whole stillness and purity of this snowstorm slowly lost it's charm when my power was out for 5 hours.

Apparently 1,700 people in my town were without electricity. Since my mother and I rely on space heaters as our sole source of heat we were fucked. My mom being the absolute freak that she is was running around like a chicken with her head cut off "SHOULD WE TRY TO GET OUT NOW? SHOULD WE GO TO A HOTEL?" I stared at my mom decked out in pink pajamas, she looked like a little kid. "Mom, it's just snow. We live in a neighborhood not Nome Alaska." Finally my mom calmed down and we decided to wait it out. I piled underneath tons of blankets and just took naps all day with my dog. A few minutes ago I woke up to my mom shouting "YEAHHHH!!! THE POWER IS BACK ON!" And I'm so thankful. Do ya thang Delmarva power company, you're the bomb.

Keep ya boots dry

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