Sunday, February 7, 2010

So I walked away all perfumed, felt just the same but brand new.

I was searching through my purse for my sugar-free bubble gum when I found something glorious. Something better than the 9 different chap sticks I smear onto my lips and better than the 3 tubes of practically the same color nude lipstick. I found secret money. Secret money (if you are somehow UNAWARE) is money you subconsciously hide from yourself (because you know you're a compulsive spending asshole) that you stumble upon days; weeks or sometimes even years later! I found two $20's wrapped around my train ticket, and shoved inside the r2 train schedule I keep folded inside my purse. Finding extra cash was by far the highlight of my entire weekend. Everything else sucked. People don't like me and I'm going to die alone. Womp womp.

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