Monday, December 29, 2008


Big headphones help you to really ~*~get into~*~ the music

I will always love my boys.

Girls will always be insecure miserable fucks.

It's illegal to drive around with the wrong address on your license.. apparently.. and if you happen to be speeding and pulled over and show an officer your license but say "That's the wrong address I moved," the officer will most likely not reward you for your honestly but instead give you a $90 ticket.

Don't EVER confuse missing someone so bad that it hurts with the coping mechanism "maybe I'd be better off alone," ever. EVER.

Never give money to homeless people, unless they have a homeless dog or cat.

Always talk to animals. Standard greetings for a dog are "HIII" standard greetings for a cat are "MEOW"

My boyfriend will never like the mixes I make for him, no matter how hard I try. I have come to accept this bitter fact in the sense that the one mix he tried to make me he forgot to actually BURN it and gave me a blank c.d that I filled with Daft Punk. But we do agree on Slick Rick, so there is hope.

Curly hair will always make me feel sexy and ~exotic~ but straight hair is a lot easier and it's fun to wear cute knitted hats in the winter.

There's nothing better than watching someone you love unwrap a gift you know they're going to really love.

"MAURY I CAN'T BE THAT BABIES DADDY, MAURY I DON'T MAKE SICK BABIES-" is never a valid answer for a man who is suspected of being a babies father. CLEARLY everything you need to learn about men you can learn from daytime episodes of Maury.

There's nothing wrong with switching your major at 20.

I'm a writer, not a fighter.

If I don't ask for your opinion don't bother giving it to me. Ever.

Becca Lewis will always give hands-down the best advice. Here are some of my personal "Becca Quotes" from her journal that I stole :

The voice in your head that routinely yells things like "ABORT" and "Bitch, you gon' regret this" is usually right, but you never listen to it anyway.

Not many people have your best interest at heart, come to think of it. Good thing you always do.

Love is the funnest emotion to expend.

You can't make people do anything they don't want to do unless you are face to face and they are easily manipulated and/or guilted into things.

Blackberrys are the best phone's in the entire world.

Twitter is addictive and very annoying/ creepy when random humans "follow" me.

My feet will always be cold.

Levis look good on any body shape.

I should be proud that I'm 5'9, in 2009 I'm going to stand up straighter.

When strangers tell me "You remind me of Kat Dennings," or "That girl from the Princess Diaries movie with the big frizzy hair," I will try my hardest to take these as compliments.. I guess.

Don't ever let anybody make you feel uncomfortable. I learned from my friend Nikki that if a homeless person says he wants you to "sit on his face," it is 100% appropriate to reply "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU'RE INAPPROPRIATE."

Burberry will always be the best smelling perfume.

Girls should never wear the following : colored contacts, a mouth that constantly name drops, extensions, or ugg boots/ especially ugg boots with sweatpants tucked into them. Please for the love of god.

Knives don't have your back.

Emily Haines will always be the most beautiful human.

Boots boots boots > sneakers

2009 I can't wait to make it.


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we are hands down the best people i know.

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