Monday, July 13, 2009

Brown Sugar, Brooklyn, it's bout to jump off

Ciara is so fly, she really makes me wish I'd been born a black girl.

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I don't have anything to blog about, minus Ciara being hot and some art that I currently like. My moms been gone on vacation so I'm holding down the fort with the dogs and keeping up with the laundry/cooking and cleaning. My one dog is dying and it's bumming my mom and I out more and more. We keep giving her all the medicine the vet's prescribed but she's dying of congestive heart failure. There's nothing we can really do but try to make her last days here on earth as comfortable as we can. Poor baby.

On a less dismal note I started going for morning jogs in the woods behind my house. This will honestly be the first physical activity I've endured since the 4th grade when I played soccer for M.O.T. So far I'm doing good staying motivated. There are a few trails to choose from so I throw on my Nike Shox, grab my water bottle, headphones and I "JUST DO IT!"

The only downside to this new found rural exercise routine is; it's hot, it's dirty (I find all sorts of foliage in my hair) I sometimes trip on tree roots, and last but not least, the bugs! I never realized how blatantly disrespectful bugs can be. I straight up had two of them fly directly into my right eyeball and I ran right through a spiders web (which I felt semi-bad about.) I even found a deer tick smaller than one of my freckles on my arm while I was in the shower, and stumbled upon a rotting dead animals carcass (not in the shower, I'm still talking about the woods.) Clearly living in the shit-kickers universe never prepared me for all these challenges!

Aside from being one with nature I also have a few tricks up my sleeve to make the rest of this summer at enjoyable as possible. I want to get back into taking pictures with my 35mm and have looked into finding a dark room to develop film in. There's nothing like opening the film cassette, loading the film on the reel, mixing all the processing chemicals and seeing your picture come to life. I know digital photography is convenient but I really enjoyed the old fashioned way. I'm sure this is just another itching for some new hobby, but I'll keep the blogger world updated, I always (unfortunately) do.

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