Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh my god

Gertrude Hawk Milk Chocolate Almond Tree bark

Words really cannot express my love for this company, and the fact that Matt (the bf) took me to an outlet store that sells ridiculously half priced GH chocolate.

I've spent the past week in North Eastern Pennsylvania, with Matt and his family surrounded by mountains, green grass, and waterfalls. The air is clean and the grass is green, little chipmunks even live outside the kitchen window. Despite the rainy days my stay here has been close to perfect, but unfortunately that's all coming to an end. I go back to Delaware tomorrow where my days are filled with work, work and more work.

I have to sort out all my lose ends (eventually,) but for the time being I'm soaking up my last few hours spent relaxing her. I've always been great at over thinking everything and literally exhausting myself with all the tasks waiting for me in Delaware. I usually sit on the bus ride home writing out lists trying to organize myself but alas my life will always be like my purse; full of gum wrappers and 6 different chap sticks.. forever unorganized and looking like a bomb went off, Whatevz.

I've also been unleashing my inner Latina, letting my hair curl all natural. All I need are some big hoops and a can of fanta.

(Sorry for the lack of makeup and chapped lips.)

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