Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's long division, crack and divide.

Dear Diary,
Today I..

Drank coffee while I took my bath
Said goodbyes to my bf (no tears!)
Fell in love with an old album on the train
Played Donkey Kong on my bf's game boy
Had a tummy ache for 2hours
Saw a man take off his sneaker and take a big ol'sniff
Bought blueberries for my Nana
Came home
Kissed my dogs so much, they're getting so fat!
Put on a Lil'Kim record while I unpacked all my shit
Ate the rest of my chocolate
Caught up with all the biz on the internet, after about an hour I'm all caught up and bored as usual. Back to work tomorrow and the real world, maybe this week I'll convince my mom to get the lights fixed on her mini-van. She's been riding the "war wagon" (credit Ricky Jefferson) with the busted bumper and the lights that do not work around town for the past month now. My mother literally has to be home before dark because her headlights (mysteriously,) won't really has nothing to do with the fact that the check engine light has been on for almost a year... Mommy needs to get her priorities straight and hopefully I can convince her to stop living in the dark age (har har!) In other news here are some majorly dorky things I've been into recently :

Heaven on earth, also Vegan for your nerds who practice that sort of thing

Found a book on "Herbal Medicine" in the garage sale that is my boyfriend's living room and oddly enough I'm really into it. I looked into 13 or so different detoxification potions (umm.. that means you mix natural herbs together and make teas,) as well as natural facial scrubs, and natural medicine. They talk about how various plant roots can cure all sorts of things from a toothache to even a broken bone! But don't get too excited bloggers, this book isn't exactly the holy grail.

It was written in 96' and has some tweaking to do. I also have a strange suspicion that whomever wrote this book has a fascination with shoving things up the anus. For example : they suggest that if you have an earache (AN EARACHE AS IN YOUR EAR!) you should cut up an union, wrap it in some gauls and shove it up your booty hole (ATTN WE ARE STILL DEALING WITH AN EARACHE.) I will not be doing that any time soon, sorry2say but I like the idea of using natural teas to cure crampies as well as rubbing lemons with salt on my face to cleanse my pores.

You learn something new everyday. Also someone spray painted "F U" accompanied with a big veiny dick on our neighbors mailbox. My mom fears we might be targeted next, updates soon.

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