Saturday, August 30, 2008


My keyboard is covered in powdered sugar because we ran out of regular sugar for our coffee. I keep sneezing and woke up last night to some random kid standing in my room at 4 a.m asking "Are you John's sister.." and I groaned pulling a sheet over myself replied : "Yeah.. who the fuck are you?" The kid then SCREAMED "JOHN WAKE UP YOU CAN'T FALL ASLEEP,DUDE......." apparently my little brother got drunk and fell down two flights of stairs and this kid was worried he had a concussion.. my response was "He's done it before he'll live." So once again I barely got any sleep and I have work in a few minutes. My best friend came over my house last night and brought me ice cream and watched The Sopranos on my bed with me, and when we lost interest we creeped craigstlist for M/W "Do you really just click on all the ones with pictures hoping they'll be a dick?" "Yeah I thought everybody did that," "No. No that isn't normal." I think I'm going to buy myself new pretty underthings after work to cheer myself up, that and mexican food with my favorite mexican bestie. Mornings blow. I wish this was easier but it's just so fucking hard. I feel like my brain is seeping out of my ears and I just want to throw my blackberry into the dishwasher and forget about the numbers that never text me.

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no win said...

OH HI ERICA HEY GREAT POST - love your dawg (bobby) i mean *dog* sorry paws cause typos hehee