Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is my face, deal with it.

1. I was born in Atlanta, GA on Thanksgiving 88'

2. People always ask me "what's your ethnicity?" I am half Spanish (my real dad is from Madrid,) and Irish, English, Welsh on my moms side.

3. The only bone I've ever broken was my femur at sage 5

4. My first real memory is being in kindergarten during art class and this boy (who recently added my best friend on facebook) came up behind me and whispered in my ear "I am going to hump the shit out of you" ...

5. I used to try to dress up our black lab and husky mix "Bud" in my baby clothes and one time he got so sick of me tying baby bonnets on his head that he bit my arm. When my mom walked in on me crying I lied and said that I fell down so he wouldn't get in trouble. Two years later he would be put down for biting a neighborhood girl's face.

6. I have this obsession with "The Secret Lives of Women" "Bridezillas" pretty much any bullshit WE TV spits out I'll watch, cry and love.

7. I'm obsessive compulsive over my skin. My face gets washed, exfoliated and moisturized every single night. I think in the past 4 years I've only missed two nights. I'm serious..

8. Sometimes when I'm at work I like to sing fake Italian to the dogs I'm giving baths

9. Oh, I work at a dog grooming shop giving dogs baths all day, it's fun for the first 20minutes then the rest of the day fucking sucks and you're soaking wet with soap in your eyes.

10. I'm currently enrolled in college for Human Services Drug And Alcohol Counseling. I love my major but I'm so indecisive and somedays I want to be a massage therapist, a famous writer, or an art teacher. But so far my major is a lot of fun, I really think I could help people. I hope so at least, although half of my professors worry I'm "too nice"

11. All of my professors at school are always male, and I always find myself wondering what they look like naked. Or if they're boobs or butt men.

12. I love anything sour.. lemon wedges, sour patch kids, sour gummy worms. Basically anything that can fuck up the enamel on your teeth - I LOVE

13. I'm an extrovert, I don't think I've ever been intimidated by another human in my life.

14. Shamelessly addicted to my crackberry, I can't go 5 seconds without checking that thing

15. When my dog dies I'm going to fall apart.

16. I always eat dinner at 11 or 12 PM when I'm home in Delaware..

17. I've had the same best friend since the 3rd grade.

18. I used to be classically trained vocally and was a Soprano 1, which means I can sing really high notes. I stopped going to all state practice because I got sick of the girls always fainting on the high risers and our practices were 5 hours long and all I wanted to do freshman year was sleep.

19. I know someday I'm going to be published, the only thing I've ever really been sure of is the fact that I will always be a writer.

20. My real dad lives in Tokyo, Japan - maybe someday I'll visit him..

21. I love really dirty rap, no seriously.. anything nasty chances are I know the entire hook.

22. Edward Norton, Mike Rowe, and Kevin Spacey all = my perfect men.

23. The only constant male figure in my life has been my big brother Ian, I honestly can say he's the reason why I learned to trust men again. He taught me it's okay to be pissed off but to NEVER be bitter about the past.

24. My favorite poet is Elena Georgiou.

And Russian dolls that grow
smaller and inside each is a love I cannot hear
when I hold their open bodies to my ear.

And a poem fragment that says:
To understand me you have to swallow
a world.

And another that says:
Most of what matters in my life happens
in my absence.

And: Excuse me
while I kiss the sky.

25. Today is my day off and it feels wonderful

26. I live in Delaware. First State, Tax Free.

27. I'm sitting in my mom's room with the tv on and my three dogs on the bed with me, our big husky Sammy is on the floor. One dog is gray, one dog is black, and my dog is white.

28. Someday I hope I can fall in love with myself. But I'm still to young to understand who I am. I hope I figure it out, eventually.

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