Saturday, August 9, 2008


For always being the best. For always waking me up in the morning by pawing my face and waiting outside the bathroom while I take a shower. For having the cutest nose and knowing better than to beg for food, because you already know that I will give you everything I'm eating anyway. For loving me when I sing DMX to you (minus the irony.) I love that I remember the day you were born, how I wanted your twin sister Peaches instead of you because I was a little girl and wanted a girl puppy. I cried when my mom told me they had decided to keep you... also cried again when mom wouldn't let me name you Britches. Instead, we settled on Bobby. In which case I was in love with the nickname "Boo" since I heard Ja'rule use it on BET in reference to Ashanti. I remember the day you started taking to me for no reason, suddenly I fell in love with you and finally had my own dog. Thank's for always cuddling up with me when I feel shitty and loving me no matter how bad I smell from work. You'll always be the fucking best, as you stare at me while I type this and I feed you animal crackers.

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