Monday, August 18, 2008

She knows what she wants,

And just how to get it.

I've had the flu these past couple of days, and in between sweating all over myself and choking down horrible ~orange~ flavored cough medicine I've just been reading a lot. I really love falling in love with old books.

Finally dragged my haggard self out of bed, got a shower and drove to my school to register for classes. I drank tons of orange juice and doubled my dosage on my medz thinking I could really kill 3 birds with one stone i.e pay the rest of my differed payments off, register for the rest of my classes, and even buy my books! Only to be turned away by the milk-maid crunchy hair lady at the front desk who me told to come back TOMORROW to meet with a board of advisor's for my major (Human Services Drug and Alcohol counseling) so they can "discuss" the classes I should take. I starred at her and asked "why would there be any discussion.......................I know the classes I want to take." But crunchy informed of the new policy.

Defeated, I went back to my car to drown my sorrows in orange juice and Camera Obscura. All in all never try to kill anything with a stone. I have to go back tomorrow before work and hopefully it'll all "work out" NO PUN.

This entry was blasé.


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