Sunday, August 31, 2008

So what

so what of temperatures and sick-notes and permission slips?
so what does it all look like from out there where it's always night?
so what of the outer-space perfected from a satellite?
so what of the freeway, the blinker in the traffic jam?
the other girl says "so what" when her best friend comes home with a tan.
so what is the sound inside the mouth that has been mouthing it?
I record a song and someone says "so what, it sounds like shit."
so what is the distance in the feeling in the young deer legs that wake us in the wooded field,
so we rise and cook some eggs
the surface of her skin is being brushed by brush and weeds alike
the whole sky rests against you, it flies past you when you ride a bike, so what
so what
so what
so what

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