Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hey cutie

I don't care if my dog isn't big and strong and could pull me from a burning building. I don't care that he isn't tough or the trendy "it" dog at the moment. What I do care about is how he reminds me of Snuggle, how I got to stay home from school in the 6th grade because our dog Bridgette was having her puppies, and I got to wash the gooey placenta from his eyes. I sat there with my mom watching the gross little poodle-pups swoosh out, one by one. It was pretty gross, but the moment they were all cleaned off and squirming around, blind and searching from some milk, my heart melted. We have so many people that come around and say "I never liked poodles until I met your dogs!" We have three, a salt and pepper female named Bridgette (the mommy), a black male named Benny (the father) and an apricot male named Bobby (the baby.) For some reason I nicknamed Bobby "boo boo" (way before Nelly copped that term,) and still do this day he responds to like 5 different versions of his name ; Little Bob, Baba, Boo Boo, Little Baby, Boochie .. yeah it goes on and on. The funny thing is, if you ask me what my favorite dog is I'll say "ShihTzu, and my poodles, but only mine."

I don't love any poodles but our own. My mom always says once they all die (aww) she'll move onto a different breed, King Charles Spaniel most likely, because we had such a good run with our little freaky poodles. So, yeah I'm assuming this entry has made me sound like an obsessed proud I <3 POODLE LOVER but whatever, if the tacky white t fits, then so be it!

also I found this in google image search I'm lol'in

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