Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baby brother really fucked it up this time.

My mom was going through some old boxes in the garage and found all these old photos. Unfortunately my scanner is broken and the webcam on my hp mini isn't that sharp, but I figured these were worth sharing.


My mom wrote this on the back right before we moved to Germany. She even wrote "Dabby"

Me and my older brother Ian at "Jolly Rogers" in Ocean City, MD

This polaroid is so sad! My first dog Bud at my moms old work, getting groomed. He was the sweetest dog but "allegedly" bit some girl in the face so we had to put him to sleep. The day he died was the first time I remember ever feeling real pain, aww RIP BUD "THE SCUD" MORENO.

Me and Ian, fans of nature.

My mom, age 2.

This is probably my favorite picture of me, ever. Look at those teeth!

Me + Ian + John, XMAZ

Me and my grandpa Nedwick (My mom's grandfather.) He passed away when I was 9 and took my nose with him (he was a big fan of the I GOT YOUR NOSE game.)

My mom + my brothers and I dressed up for Easter. Sorry about my lipstick..

My late great pop-pop Joe. He died from cancer while I was still in my mom's belly but I feel like I've known him my whole life. He was a big shot rock guitarist in Delaware who's stage name was "Joe Brandy" because he liked to have one glass of brandy before we went on stage.

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