Monday, May 11, 2009

i may be limping, but i'm coming home

all work and no play mighta done me in
but im stoked i'm back after where i've been

^How to survive a 7hour trip^

A little mix

My hair is dirty and I have a collection of snotty tissues in my purse. The man who sat next to me on the train home ended up being at the exact same Friendly's my friend and I dined at later tonight, sssssmall world. I got some sort of bbq chicken sandwich (which I regretted,) and a complimentary 99cent sundae to christen my good health and safe arrival back in Delaware. I brought my mom a turkey club with a mother days card to make up for my lack of attendance yesterday (yes I know I'm a horrible daughter.)

While unpacking my suitcase I realized my room smells like an old library. I was only gone a week but it feels like months, years even. The calendar reads May. I feel so different and almost exactly the same when I walk into this house. It's a little weird to go from the constant company of my boyfriend Matt, to all this silence. Having someone wrap their arms around my tummy while I brush my teeth, ask me "what do you want for dinner, you can have anything you'd like," I guess the real world and not loving-dream land totally sucks!

I never wanted to be a mindless drone "all I do is talk about my boyfriend and how great and perfect and wonderful our relationship is 24'7," is kind of gals. They're always throwing their relationship in your face, bragging about all the things their man just bought them. They constantly update their twitter with "my bf is just great he is the best," and all you do is roll your eyes. They usually always inform you of TMI sexual things they do with their boyfriend, and usually throw in "and he's sooooo large," somewhere in the mix and you can't help but want to vomit. So at the risk of sounding like a proud mindless drone of a gf, I must admit that my bf is some kind of a sweetheart. I'm a little sad to be hundred of miles away from him, ok, so there I said it. Love, Love love..

On that note, listen to more Ida Maria!

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Nikki Ashton said...

i love when you write about yourtrips. i only travel about two hours to see sean but yours is a treck and whenever i see someone tht is a character i think of you.