Friday, May 8, 2009

"You've got nothing to lose but Visa card, happy meal, and Kotex with wings."

I never want to eat another cup of these :

An upper respiratory infection is not a good thing to have when you're on vacation, visiting your boyfriend. Somehow I found a doctor in Scranton who cut me a break and I ended up only paying $10 for my cough medicine + an extra $10 for my penicillin. I'm feeling better but I still have this horrible embarrassing cough that won't go away. I was going to come home this weekend but my mom told me to just stay and enjoy myself since I was sick the entire week I was here. It's really sweet considering my mom usually makes me feel guilty for being away from home for more than 3 days, and it's been a week so I'm really happy.

I really love Matt and I'm so so thankful that I have a boyfriend who took care of me for an entire week, letting me cough on him and constantly feeling him hug me in my sleep, grabbing my snotty tissues out of my hands. That's love right there! He brought me toast every morning and held my hand while I took nasty cough medicine that rivals Robitussin by far. I'm really really lucky.

Right now I'm in Matt's room with the windows open feeling a little high from a Dr. Pepper since I haven't had a single taste of anything caffeinated in 8 days. It's funny that I kicked a coffee addiction so easily simply because I was sick as a dog. I'm finally starting to eat real meals and I forgot how vvvvvunderful food is. I showered and we ventured out of the house today to thrift and grab some lunch.

and no, I did not eat a "Cup Noodles,"! Never again!


I started reading thsi novel:

It's definitely a little wacky, but I'm enjoying it so far. When I'm completely finished I'll write a mini-review that nobody will read. Ps The illustration on the front cover reminds me of Kevin Devine.

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