Monday, January 4, 2010

fresh dressed (like a million bucks)

I had the funnest NYE of my life, without a doubt. I have bruises all over my feet from dancing so much and drunk girls in stilettos stepping on me. The highlight of the night was definitely seeing everyone dance to Mj's "Rock with you" and grabbing Katie D's hand and dancing to daft punk with a really uncomfortable guy, who eventually ditched us so we danced by ourselves anyway.

I got a total of maybe 4 hours of sleep the entire weekend and passed out on the bus ride back to Wilmington, and drooled on shoulder of the thugged out dude sitting next to me. Today I've spent my last day off sleeping and being a human droid. I'm still in my pajamas and yet to shower. My gray matte nail polish isn't shipped (surprisingly) and our washer and dryer are both broken so all my clothes are dirty and thrown in a pile in the corner of my room. It's been so cold lately and I really need to wrap my windows with plastic.

My New Years resolutions are the following :
not to be such a whiny ass girl all the time
write more (summit more of my writing.)
sing in a band
live on my own
not drink soda
let go of the past
forgive and forget
lower my sugar intake
and last but no least, sleep more.

These are pretty epic, lets hope I can stick to at least one of these.

I said I wasn't going to write in this for awhile, but nobody reads this anyway so it barely makes a difference. Hello 2010!

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JustNorman said...

LMAO. i didn't know they made em that small.
get more sleep? i think you can do it, i've got faith.