Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Man, you got a lot of jokes to tell

Pushing my grocery cart full of canned tuna wheat pasta and protein bars I was tapped on the shoulder and told "I see you everywhere, you're beautiful." I abruptly pulled my ear-buds off my face (because common peasant things, such as grocery shopping are too hard to endure without music,) and I shouted out "Wait, did you say something?" I'd semi-heard him the first time but I was afraid I was imagining things. Not skipping a beat he repeated himself putting much emphasis on the word beautiful, he spoke like all 8 letters were wrapped inside a present and he was waiting for my reaction. My brown eyes of course registered blank, I'd never had this happen before. He kept looking at me, waiting and awkwardly continued with "I've seen you at the other grocery store too the one on Main St. you always have your headphones on and you don't look at people. But I think you're beautiful, I wanted to tell you that." With no makeup bangs that are too short and jeans dirty from work, I smiled. He started to walk away and as the compliment finally sunk in, I manged to shout a clumsy "Hey, thanks!" and before he could turn down the canned goods aisle, he smiled at me.

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