Monday, January 25, 2010

One two and three I can see exactly where you ruined me

and usually a grudge
but i loved so much
the way we touched and psuedo-kissed
oh i already miss you singing like this
over the phone
every now and every then i tend to pretend
i'm not alone

Everyday I mark a huge X on the calendar and it's starting to sink in, but unfortunately for both of us it isn't going to hit you until I call you up and say "Hi, my flight leaves in an hour, I guess this is goodbye?" I'll listen to Braid and for 13hours I'll try to read a stack of magazines, one novel and an old diary. Then the chapter will be closed and I'll start something new and maybe I'll write about it on plain white paper, and it'll look better in an envelope that I'll never mail.

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