Sunday, March 15, 2009

Don't talk shit you can't back up!

I have someone who calls me princess.

I'm the girl who always reaches over in your car, to turn up the music.

I'm the girl who wants to know your deepest darkest secrets.
I'll let you spill them out, I'll drink it off, but I'm keeping mine locked down.
I remember every single story you've ever told me.

Sick of friendships that are stressful. Or maybe they weren't ever really friendships in the first place, most people are just opportunists. Usually it's just easier to co-exist in a dysfunctional friendship than actually "break up," because once the shit hits the fan, there's NO turning back. I'm still holding grudges from two years ago, and I'm okay with that. Still holding grudges from 7 months ago, and I'm fine with that.

I'm pretty corny when it comes to karma. I believe you really do get back what you put forth in this universe. So if you're a miserable passive aggressive bitch, it'll come back at you. In the mean time I'm going to stop apologizing for pissing people off simply because I want to go away for a weekend and visit my boyfriend. Misery loves company.

Suck it, nerds. I'm over this stress.


Lily said...

<3 you and your bunny ears bbygrl. trying to get you to come to the city and eat some cupcakes and fried foods.

no winners here said...

I could basically eat brunch for the rest of my life, and shirley temples. and talk about makeup!xx