Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday morning comes too fast,

Past weekend = a lot of : boyfriend-kissing cuddling thrifting procrastinating whining Shirley Temples mid-night ice cream cones learning to knit, perfect days. Allergy season itchy elbows perfect skin, going for a hike at the Complex, cold ears, trimming bangs in public restrooms,embarrassing typos. Used razors with built in shaving cream and realized I say the words "crayon, glass, class and mirror," all incorrectly. New friends (?) I DON'T WANNA JINX IT/pizza excursions learning to take the Blue Line all by myself. Missing out on a fun weekend and working instead, life can't be just one big party, unfortunately for some.

For the first time I feel like I'm really truly lucky. I've been so good with my money that it's borderline nauseating. But I'm proud of myself, it's a good feeling to never be living paycheck to paycheck.
I need new yarn (already!) new paint brushes, new books to read/borrow new music.

The only downside to life is that I need to make up my mind about Japan soon. Decisions are the one thing about growing up that I will forever suck at. I will probably wait until the very last possible second and flip a coin.


Anonymous said...

I've been stupidly good with my cash as well...now I'm almost *almost* frightened to spend it...I say almost because I know I'm about to blow some on a stack of books.

no winners here said...

sameee I need new books so bad. I'm trying to just do equal trades with friends, but I've got like, zero friends. and the friend's I do have barely read. minus you! lets book trade please

Corinne said...

oh man i've been not spending my money either haa and now its like i don't want to spend my money.. just someone elses.
but as far as japan goes, flip that coin! thats what i do.. sometimes.

no winners here said...

i second the whole "wanting to spend somebody's elses money" but I've actually been treating my boyfriend a lot lately since he's always a gentleman and pays for me, I figure why not pay for him once in awhile?

when I flip the coin i'll let you know !