Tuesday, March 3, 2009

yeah yeah yeah

Everyone talks here, no one listens. The only person who ever really listens is my mom but today she said, "Why don't you take some business classes?" When she makes comments like that I want to hit her. I just want to go to every rest stop in America. I want to hang my clothes on a clothesline and wear yellow rubber gloves when I do the dishes. I want to be a librarian; I want to marry a janitor. I want to go to prom. I want to eat cheese doodles in the car and wear a black hoodie sweatshirt. I want my car to break down at night. You and I will run into a haunted house and kiss for hours. I want to drink whiskey and watch a movie somewhere far away. I want to see the weather change when I drive. I always want to hear your voice in my house. I love that sound. I wish we were brother and sister trapped in an attic. I wish we were driving to Nebraska, we could make out in cornfields. I want to lick your arms that are all strong and sweaty because you have been digging and farming all day. I'll make you oatmeal and then we'll drive and drive, I want to go fishing and not talk for hours.
page 146

Update March 3rd,09'
I had to shovel the parking lot at work today with the world's smallest shovel. A dog came in that had been skunked, worst smell imaginable. I dropped my blackberry into a snowdrift. I vaguely (still,) smell like skunk. My cat shit all over my moms bed. All my jeans are dirty. My hair's dirty, I feel like my spinal cord is twisting it's way into the depths of scoliosis.

But on the plus side I got a free bagel with cream cheese and found my great gram's wedding ring underneath my bed! I had pretty much given up and was sold on the idea that one of my little brother's druggie friends had pawned it. I guess my ~guardian angel~ was just being secretive.


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