Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shit that pisses me (us,) off!

Shit that pisses me off :
- having skin that would give a dermatologist a boner
- runny noses
- when my little brother smokes his cigarettes in the shower
- heavy perfume
- when people ask "Hey can you grab that thingy over there?"
- preconceived notions
- DOUBLE STANDARDS I'm no feminist (saying this once before got me into some trouble for the record ahahahaha,) but I'm not gunna lie sometimes guys get away with entirely too much. Still love ya'll though
- music "elitist" if you consider yourself one of these chances are you just need to find yourself a job
- name droppers
- when my boyfriend doesn't "believe that periods can really be that bad," um, I wish all you men had a uterus that chose to assualt you, both physically and mentally for 4-7 days once a month.
- jesus freaks

shit that pisses YOU GUYS off :
- "When people chew near me in an education setting." Alecia K.
- "Working too much," Corbitt Webb
- "Dudes that think they're cooler than ice in the freezer." Ronnie McGhee
- "? I don't get pissed off about much, you can put that in print," Matt Hudak aka my entirely too easy going boyfriend.
- "People that repeat themselves excessively." Shirin Rahmani
- "Rich people and racism." Rian Mcgee
- "Sloppy drunks. My friend Jared said blue balls." Bridget Kelly
- "Jamaicans, or just any island in general." Craig M.
- "Oh, is this for "what's bugging you," on Fox News? No? Ok, well not getting straight A's in school." Eric NYC
- "When people drive in the left lane going under 85 DONT FUCKING DRIVE IN THE LEFT LANE UNLESS YOURE GOING VISIBLY FASTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE." Cecelia Liu
- "When people don't do what they say." Nikki Ashton
- "Everything." Becca Lewis
- "Also when girls tenfold the volume of their voice when they want attention." Bridget (again)

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Anonymous said...

I forgot to text you back. I fell asleep! my answer would be when people don't tell you the full story. which prompts me to ask too many questions, which annoys them and me and then everyone is in a bad way.